Monday 11 November 2013


i made an EP with Tobions help. it is called Cave. you can listen to it on the player at the top of the post. i made all the artwork myself as well. its for sale on bandcamp here: Melora Creager of Rasputina has a copy - thats how cool it is. well done me. yes.

Friday 8 November 2013

J'adore La Piscine, Janeeeeeeen

Back in july 2013:
2 weeks.
4 countries (6 including wales & england).
4 intrepid explorers.
0 up to date road maps.
2 gigs - 1 in Freiburg at the SUSI project cafe, 1 in forest unknown, Luxembourg.
1 limited edition sampler cd (see bottom photo).
4 hours (felt like) trapped between an insane rule-loving campsite owner and a wild boar that couldn't run downhill.
0 French towns that couldn't be compared to somewhere in the valleys.
i could go on but the idea is got most likely. pictures 1 & 3 by that prosser rosie anne prosser, pictures 2 & 4 by me.

Friday 1 November 2013

Strange Noises in the House Late At Night

back in may and june of this year,
me and Tobion hosted some living room gigs which we called Hearing Voices. there's videos of all the acts that played on Tobions youtube channel. both gigs were really great, audience and musicians both. prize for best dressed went to me because i wore my dinosaur jumper. photos by Rosie Anne Photography, i made the posters.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Stoke Tha Fire Y'all!

photos by Rosie Anne. me and Tobion playing at Stoke The Fire (Bird Radio's night that he sometimes does in stoke newington, LDN), back in april 2013. it was a lush gig, everyone was really interested and attentive during each act that played. Jo Quail was amazing, going to see her again next week supporting RASPUTINA (best band in the world everrrrrrr!).

Monday 21 October 2013

We Cursed the Lights They shone in our Eyes

i'm attempting to try and get this blog up to date, mostly in photo form. the above photos are from a live voice+video  performance (waaaay back in april) of my song 'When They Are Lonely' (as in: i made a video for my song, took the vocal track off and sang live over backing track and video....yes). it was at a film-themed circus scratch night in bristol at the island and it was amazing.  really want to do more video/music performance!
photos by my sister, imagine rose, apart from 3rd one down by Melanie Flash.
Jessica Fogden kindly filmed it also:

Saturday 9 March 2013

Our Silent and Colourless Land

And here at last is the start of my new musical project - a video i have been working on for a loooong time (with help from friends). Twitch & Shout is no more, and i have created a new Thing which i imaginatively call 'Elspeth Anne'. because its my name. and because its pretty damn difficult to think of a band name that doesn't sound hipster pretentious and/or a bad pun.
i'm starting recording an EP (which will include the track from the video) real soon. i also have a facebook page for this musical horror right here: Elspeth Anne Facebook, which has upcoming shows, interesting links, free sweets (mostly lies).

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Winter Wonderland

 i made some cards recently for chrrristmass but i reckon they'd be good as regular cardy cards as well. you know, those cardy cards. made of card an' shiz. also did some present tags, bags, wrapping paper...i've tried to just put the exciting-to-look-at pictures here but there's more pictures here (and if perchance you wish to purchase you may do so also here) : Elspeths Etsy Shop
also these etsy shops are worth a look at if you like illustration:

i did some christmas fairs with Harriet in bristol which was pretty fun, although not a big money-maker. PSG summers is an awesome illustrator currently based in herefordshire.
uuurggh not much else to say (to you, dearest imaginary friends)...apart from i'm starting a new music-based project which will be emerging (from the swamp) within the next few months. oooohooo.

also did this little piece of artwork for Tobion's supercool song 'Those We Remembered'. its a brand new shiny recording of it as well, done all by the man himself. He describes his music thus: "Intimate, experimental freak folk. Imagine Leonard Cohen and Jan Švankmajer around a log fire in a mountain tavern, playing Incredible string band songs." i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor, ohoho.