Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Winter Wonderland

 i made some cards recently for chrrristmass but i reckon they'd be good as regular cardy cards as well. you know, those cardy cards. made of card an' shiz. also did some present tags, bags, wrapping paper...i've tried to just put the exciting-to-look-at pictures here but there's more pictures here (and if perchance you wish to purchase you may do so also here) : Elspeths Etsy Shop
also these etsy shops are worth a look at if you like illustration:

i did some christmas fairs with Harriet in bristol which was pretty fun, although not a big money-maker. PSG summers is an awesome illustrator currently based in herefordshire.
uuurggh not much else to say (to you, dearest imaginary friends)...apart from i'm starting a new music-based project which will be emerging (from the swamp) within the next few months. oooohooo.

also did this little piece of artwork for Tobion's supercool song 'Those We Remembered'. its a brand new shiny recording of it as well, done all by the man himself. He describes his music thus: "Intimate, experimental freak folk. Imagine Leonard Cohen and Jan Švankmajer around a log fire in a mountain tavern, playing Incredible string band songs." i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor, ohoho.

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