Friday, 8 November 2013

J'adore La Piscine, Janeeeeeeen

Back in july 2013:
2 weeks.
4 countries (6 including wales & england).
4 intrepid explorers.
0 up to date road maps.
2 gigs - 1 in Freiburg at the SUSI project cafe, 1 in forest unknown, Luxembourg.
1 limited edition sampler cd (see bottom photo).
4 hours (felt like) trapped between an insane rule-loving campsite owner and a wild boar that couldn't run downhill.
0 French towns that couldn't be compared to somewhere in the valleys.
i could go on but the idea is got most likely. pictures 1 & 3 by that prosser rosie anne prosser, pictures 2 & 4 by me.

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