Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pink Is The Colour Of My True Loves Eyes

i think i might have put this link up already but NOT WITH A PICTURE! now you can see how sickeningly pretty the Twitch & Shout bandcamp page is and it'll make you feel sick and also maybe want to listen to the music. so Go Forth for Musicness! Toby and Henry (the other band members, not just random names) did the recording and mixing and i did the artwork. and made the page all pink and shit. we've got some new recordings on the way too, should be up and about within the next few weeks. And a video at some point very soon. like, this year. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The State in Which I Live is The State of Denial

Rosie sneakily uploaded this video of me recording 'Liars' with Jed. hopefully i'll make a full band recording of it soon with Twitch & Shout (in the meantime, there's some older recordings goin on here: Rosie and Jed make me wear the american flag jumper when i stay at theirs, because they are horrible people at heart. truly horrible. ♡

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Big Fat Lies

i said i would post more often...and i lied. big fat glorious lie. so Things have been going on...more Things than usual and i have not posted about them because No One is reading this. so i suppose i will use it as a place to remind myself of all the Things i've been doing. UWE degree show came and went and was pretty much an anti-climax. We (the illustration students) also took our show to London (oh wond'rous place where things Happen...or not). BUT i have a lovely website which is pretty exciting:

as if that wasn't enough excitement, a friend of mine who is an awesome artist used me as a model for her supercool photos - you can see her work online and everything :
Also...things are gonna change round here. no more of this one dimensional creative tomfoolery; imma going ta post about ma baaaand. with like music and videos and EVERYTHING. BOOM! now here's a picture to look at: (its an illustration of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter)