Tuesday, 16 October 2012


........or Isn't It Grand When Other People Are Great at Stuff? Pretty much all of Rosie Anne's photos are amazing but i've been looking at these two recently because they're so autumny and luuuush.
The apple-head photo makes me laugh at the same time as being creeeeeepy which i think is one of the best combinations in art of all sorts.
i strongly urge you (Naaaan) to check out her other work:
her website
...& facebook
....& Flickr!
Both photos in this post © 2012 Rosie Anne Prosser.

i've been listening to The Great Parks new album 'Good and Gone' which is also rather autumnal (is that how you spell it?) you can listen to and purchase it on bandcamp.com HERE. god, its like i'm flipping sponsored by bandcamp isn't it? sickening. seriously though you guuuys, it is the best place for buying independent music online. and listening to it. and enjoying the 'name your price' downloads that alot of artists do.
aneeee-way, The Great Park is a singer/songwriter based in Berlin, who seems to be playing a gig all the time. other information about him is secret- you have to join a club- its called the click the link and all will be revealed club. ahahaaaa i don't know how i live with myself i'm so darn funny!

Monday, 8 October 2012


i've been making some attempt to do a 365 project to keep my awesome visual creativeness SLICK (i.e.  it'll mean i hopefully won't get stuck in a rut or forget how to hold a pencil). i find creativity is like a muscle - it gets weak when you don't exercise it regularly - and as with any sort of exercise, it has to be interesting and challenging. sooooo...in case you didn't know (you? they? STOP THIS), art-based 365 projects are fairly popular, especially with photographers and the idea is to make an image per day. for a year. without giving up. pretty fat meaty slug of a challenge. akin to wrestling giant pigs in the lost forests of the western hemisphere perhaps? so i've been trying since september, taking photos or drawing or painting. i've almost got through a month and its bloody hard but i've got to grips with the camera i've had for a while so there's results already. most of the images i've done aren't worth looking at but there's the occasional picture (such as the one above) that i'm real darn excited about. also just discovered doppelganger translates as 'double goer'. other fun picture fact: i stepped on a massive slug after taking this photo; don't ever do that, they squidge between your toes. gross.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sight for Sore Ears

just finished a small project for singer/songwriter/musician Tobion, which was to make a logo/banner thing for his web pages - so far its looking awesome on facebook, specifically to match his awesome music. which you (you? they? NAAN? GRAY? WHO's THERE?) should go and listen to because it is totally WIZARD. actually no, don't go, i'll put a video of it (filmed by rosie prosser, in a bothy no less) right here: