Monday, 11 November 2013


i made an EP with Tobions help. it is called Cave. you can listen to it on the player at the top of the post. i made all the artwork myself as well. its for sale on bandcamp here: Melora Creager of Rasputina has a copy - thats how cool it is. well done me. yes.

Friday, 8 November 2013

J'adore La Piscine, Janeeeeeeen

Back in july 2013:
2 weeks.
4 countries (6 including wales & england).
4 intrepid explorers.
0 up to date road maps.
2 gigs - 1 in Freiburg at the SUSI project cafe, 1 in forest unknown, Luxembourg.
1 limited edition sampler cd (see bottom photo).
4 hours (felt like) trapped between an insane rule-loving campsite owner and a wild boar that couldn't run downhill.
0 French towns that couldn't be compared to somewhere in the valleys.
i could go on but the idea is got most likely. pictures 1 & 3 by that prosser rosie anne prosser, pictures 2 & 4 by me.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Strange Noises in the House Late At Night

back in may and june of this year,
me and Tobion hosted some living room gigs which we called Hearing Voices. there's videos of all the acts that played on Tobions youtube channel. both gigs were really great, audience and musicians both. prize for best dressed went to me because i wore my dinosaur jumper. photos by Rosie Anne Photography, i made the posters.