Monday, 5 November 2012

If Music Be The Food Of Love, You're Not Listening Properly

In the world of Music Things That I Have Done Recently:

Exhibit A: Twitch & Shout - Happy Clown Song (Live) video by Harry Rook.

Exhibit B: i've been making bandcamp pages for past recordings, got two Milkteeth (ma first baaand) albums up to listen to/buy. Also an EP i made quite a few years back. Both are available as proper CDs which is the exciting option cos they all have supercooooool artwork. plus you get the downloads anyway. so go HERE if that sounds interesting, it will look tempting and beautiful like so:

i've been playing with with FII-YA, trying to embed the bandcamp player in this post but its been acting like a PLAYA and not playing ball but OHO i just figured it out! no more playing puns, i have disPLAYed some songs below for your listening pleasure.