Saturday, 1 September 2012

Big Fat Lies

i said i would post more often...and i lied. big fat glorious lie. so Things have been going on...more Things than usual and i have not posted about them because No One is reading this. so i suppose i will use it as a place to remind myself of all the Things i've been doing. UWE degree show came and went and was pretty much an anti-climax. We (the illustration students) also took our show to London (oh wond'rous place where things Happen...or not). BUT i have a lovely website which is pretty exciting:

as if that wasn't enough excitement, a friend of mine who is an awesome artist used me as a model for her supercool photos - you can see her work online and everything :
Also...things are gonna change round here. no more of this one dimensional creative tomfoolery; imma going ta post about ma baaaand. with like music and videos and EVERYTHING. BOOM! now here's a picture to look at: (its an illustration of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter)

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