Tuesday, 16 October 2012


........or Isn't It Grand When Other People Are Great at Stuff? Pretty much all of Rosie Anne's photos are amazing but i've been looking at these two recently because they're so autumny and luuuush.
The apple-head photo makes me laugh at the same time as being creeeeeepy which i think is one of the best combinations in art of all sorts.
i strongly urge you (Naaaan) to check out her other work:
her website
...& facebook
....& Flickr!
Both photos in this post © 2012 Rosie Anne Prosser.

i've been listening to The Great Parks new album 'Good and Gone' which is also rather autumnal (is that how you spell it?) you can listen to and purchase it on bandcamp.com HERE. god, its like i'm flipping sponsored by bandcamp isn't it? sickening. seriously though you guuuys, it is the best place for buying independent music online. and listening to it. and enjoying the 'name your price' downloads that alot of artists do.
aneeee-way, The Great Park is a singer/songwriter based in Berlin, who seems to be playing a gig all the time. other information about him is secret- you have to join a club- its called the click the link and all will be revealed club. ahahaaaa i don't know how i live with myself i'm so darn funny!

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